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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the filenames of RaFD images mean?

The filenames code all image features in the following way, here as example "Rafd090_28_Caucasian_male_angry_frontal.jpg":

090refers to the camera angle
28model number
Caucasianethnicity of model
malegender of model
frontalgaze direction

Can I request access to the RaFD database?

To request access to the RaFD, you need to be a researcher at an accredited university. In order to check that, we ask you in the request from to provide us with a link to an university webpage mentioning your affiliation. If none such site exists, please send a recent publication with you as author to

What does it cost to use the RaFD?

For strictly scientific purposes the usage of RaFD is without costs. For any other usages (treatment, commercial), we cannot grant access to the database.

I just requested access, but never received a confirmation email. What should I do?

First, please check your mail spam filter. If you can't find a confirmation email in your spam folder, please email us at

I am an undergraduate student. How can I use the RaFD database?

Students can use RaFd only under supervision. The corresponding supervisor should request access and download the needed images. He/She can then make the images available to the student "for this project only". Be aware that as student you are not allowed to take the pictures with you or use them for other projects.

Can we download the database centrally once for our whole institute?

No. Every researcher who wants to use RaFD has to request access to the database individually.

Am I allowed to use the RaFD faces in publications, e.g. journal articles or presentations about my research?

Yes, in strictly scientific publications RaFD images can be presented as stimulus examples. If you want to use RaFD images in public media, you need to contact us at

Unfortunately, this happens sometimes. Please try the following to resolve this: Make a new selection of pictures of and wait for the email with the link. Click the link in the email. Click the link that is available in your browser window, but don't close the browser window once your download starts If your download stops working (or becomes really slow), stop the download and click the link in your browser window (which should still be open) to start the download again.

This has worked for everyone with this problem. If it doesn't, please don't hesitate to contact us.

There is no website mentioning me at my university. How can I still request access to the database?

Send a scientific publications with you as first author and your current affiliation to, mentioning your user name.

Do validation data exist also for the Moroccan models? Yes, we recently included those in the validation data support file.

Where can I find the validation data?

The home page at contains liks to both the validation data file and the validation paper we published.

Can I get the validation data digitally, e.g. in Excel format?

Validation data in .xls format can be requested from the authors. Send an email to:

How should I refer to the database in my publications?

Langner, O., Dotsch, R., Bijlstra, G., Wigboldus, D.H.J., Hawk, S.T., & van Knippenberg, A. (2010). Presentation and validation of the Radboud Faces Database. Cognition & Emotion, 24(8), 1377—1388. DOI: 10.1080/02699930903485076

How big is the dataset in terms of disk space?

The complete dataset has a size of about 3 GB. However, a typical set (Caucasian adult, 90% camera, all emotions, frontal gaze) is only about 116 MB.

If I change my affiliation, do I need to request access again?

If you change affiliation the license agreement you digitally signed terminates. You will have to request a new account.

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