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Short overview of the RaFD image set

On this page you will find a short overview of the RaFD image set. For detailed information on the RaFD, please click here.


In total, the set contains 67 models:

  • 20 Caucasian male adults
  • 19 Caucasian female adults
  • 4 Caucasian male children
  • 6 Caucasian female children
  • 18 Moroccan male adults


Each model was trained by a FACS (Facial Action Coding System) coder, to show each of the following emotional expressions:

  • happy
  • angry
  • sad
  • contemptuous
  • disgusted
  • neutral
  • fearful
  • surprised

Gaze direction

Each emotion was shown with three different gaze directions (without changing head orientation):

  • looking left
  • looking frontal
  • looking right

Camera angle

Each picture was taken from five different camera angles simultaneously.

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